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TS250 high current waveform amplifier for driving heavy load.

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Instruments For Testing Your Innovations

Battery Simulator

TS250 can source or sink current. It can be use as a battery simulator. The TS250 has a variable DC output that can easily simulate battery voltage changes. Thus it is great for battery charger testing such as those in battery operated portable electronic systems.

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Transient Response Tests

Transient response is an electrical specification of how a device-under-test (DUT) response to an input voltage disturbance or transient. For example, a regulator specified its output voltage deviates less than 5mV for a 200mV input voltage step from 3.2V to 3.4V in 10 microseconds. This is also called line step response. Another example is to simulate a supply voltage transient rapidly overshoot follow by a suddenly loss of power.

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Four Quadrant Power Supply

TS250 is a four quadrant power supply, sometime referred to as bipolar power supply. It can output both positive and negative voltage and it can source and sink current up 5A. Four quadrant power supply is ideal for solar cell characterization.

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Magnetic Coil and Piezo Driver

Electromagnetic coils such as solenoids, inductors, Helmholtz coils, and electromagnets often time required high-current and high-frequency operation.  The TS250 is ideal for driving magnetic coils at high current and high frequency. Similarly the TS250 is also ideal for driver high capacitance piezo actuators.

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The TS250 waveform amplifier is a unique instrument ideal for amplifying function generator output. It amplifies current or voltage or power for driving heavy loads. The TS250 output current up to 6A peak for the low-voltage model. Higher current is possible by connecting two or more TS250 in parallel. The TS250-7 output is up to +65V.

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Function Generator Amplifier

TS250-0:  -10V to + 10V

TS250-1:  -20V to + 20V

TS250-2:  -30V to + 30V

TS250-3:  -40V to + 40V

TS250-4:  -6V to + 15V

TS250-5:  -6V to + 30V

TS250-6:  -6V to + 45V

TS250-7:  -6V to + 65V

TS250 Voltage Ranges

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TS250 is ideal for power supply rejection ratio or PSRR measurement. PSRR is commonly tested for LDO regulators, op amps, audio amps, etc. TS250 is especially powerful for LDO PSRR testing at high load current (See below App Notes). The TS250 can also test op amp PSRR and CMRR. It is designed to work with network analyzers such as Omicron Lab Bode 100, AP Instruments (Ridley) model 300, Agilent 4395A, and Audio Precision SYS2722.

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The TS250 waveform amplifier fulfills many laboratory applications and testing. Visit the Application Information section of our website for details. Below are quick links to the application notes.

Waveform Generator Amplifier

High-Current Amplifier and Driver

Battery Emulator and Simulator

LDO PSRR Measurement

Amplifier PSRR Testing

Amplifier CMRR Testing

High-Frequency AC Helmholtz Coil Driver

Piezoelectric Motor Driver

Transient Testing