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Electromagnetic Coil and Magnetic Field Design Information

Helmholtz Coil Design Calculator

Producing high-frequency and high magnetic-field is very challenging. It involves well designed electromagnetic coils, high-frequency and high-current source such as the TS250 for driving the coil. This page is dedicated for designing high-frequency magnetic field apparatus. Using the provided below links for information on high-frequency magnetic field generation.

A pair of Helmholtz coils.

High-Frequency Helmholtz Coils Magnetic Field

Electromagnetic Coil Application Notes

High-Current and High-Frequency Electromagnet Using Resonant


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Electromagnetic coil driver using the Waveform Amplifier.

Electromagnetic Coil Driver Using the TS250

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AC Magnetic Field and Coil Calculator

Basic Coil Calculator

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AC Magnetic Field

Coil Bandwidth with Current Source

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