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Instruments For Testing Your Innovations

Function Generator Amplifier

High-Voltage Amplifier

High Current Amplifier

Ultrasonic Amplifier

High-Voltage Function Generator Amplifier

Waveform Amplifier Application Notes

Sine-wave is amplified by a waveform (function generator) amplifier.

Waveform Amp

LDO PSRR Measurement and Setup

How to Measure Op-Amp CMRR

Op-Amp PSRR Measurement is Easy

LDO Transient Response Test

PSRR is plotted again frequency


Helmholtz Coil Magnetic Field

AC Magnetic Field

High-Current and High-Frequency Electromagnet Using Resonant

Novel Resonant Generate High-Frequency Magnetic Field

Piezo Amplifier Driver

Piezo Motor Driver

Magnetic and Piezo

Maximizing TS200 Output Current

TS200 App Notes

This high-current and high-frequency amplifier is for driving magnetic coils, relays, and solenoids.