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Waveform amplifier is high current and high voltage for signal and function generators.

TS250 Waveform Amplifier

The TS250 waveform amplifier is a unique instrument ideal for amplifying function generator. It amplifies current or voltage or power for driving heavy loads. The TS250 offers eight voltage ranges to choose from ±10V to ±40V. The TS250 output current up to 5A for the low-voltage model. Higher current is possible by connecting two or more TS250 in parallel as shown in the Application Section.

TS250 Waveform Amplifier

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Waveform generator amplifier outputs high current, high voltage, or high power. Its applications include piezo driver and ultrasonic amplifier.


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Function Generator amplifier

High Current Amplifier

High Voltage Function Generator Driver Amplifer

Waveform Amplifier Applications

Waveform amplifier outputs a sinewave with 10App from a function generator.

Waveform amplifier is the missing link between oscilloscope, function generator, and device-under-test. These application notes provide excellent technical information on bench testing using function generator amps. These amplifiers outputs high voltage, high current, high power, or any combination.

Helmholtz Coil Driver

AC Magnetic Field Generation Techniques

High Current and Frequency Electromagnet Using Resonant

AC Magnetic Field Generator Using New Resonant

Helmholtz Coil and Magnetic

High-current waveform power amplifiers drive large current through magnetic coils even at high frequency. They are great for driving Helmholtz coils and other electromagnets.

A pair of AC Helmholtz coils generates uniform magnetic field.

Piezo Motor Driver And Amplifer

Piezo Amplifier

Piezo Amplifier and Driver

Battery Simulator For Charger Testing

Battery Emulator

Four Quadrant Power Supply

Battery Simulation for Charger Testing

Battery simulator equivalent circuit. It can sink and source current like a battery.Piezo circuit symbol. It can be used to demonstrate piezoelectric driver.

LDO PSRR Measurement

Op-Amp PSRR Measurement is Easy

Line Transient Response Test

PSRR measured result is plotted again frequency

PSRR and Transient

Power Supply Noise and Ripple (PSRR) Tests

Battery simulator and emulator are ideal for cell-balancing circuit and charger testing. They enable speedy bench testing of battery-powered mobile system.

Use the below Application Notes and technical articles to help you test your ideas and innovations.

High-current and high-voltage amplifier are perfect for driving piezo transducers,  actuators, motors, and other piezoelectric devices. Several techniques are discussed to drive high-frequency piezo transducers.

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