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Accel Instruments Corporation just announced the availably and release of the first ever free online magnetic field calculator for engineers who designing solenoids and coils. The calculator is the most advanced, most accurate, and most comprehensive calculator available online on the internet. Because it is an advanced calculator, it becomes a very value tool. It is especially powerful for AC magnetic field applications such as solenoids, coils, Helmholtz coil pair, and many other magnetic designs. People who find the calculator extremely useful in applications such as scientific experiments, engineering research and development, university experiments and research, magnetic calibration, induction heating, magnetic interference testing, Eddy current experiment, and a lot more.

AC magnetic coil and solenoid designing is significantly more difficult than its DC counterpart, especially at higher frequencies. To make a comparison, in static DC electromagnetic coil, the inductance does not pay any role. That is the inductance does not affect the electromagnet design. In additional there are plentiful of current source and power supply available to drive these DC magnetic and solenoids.

In contrast AC or alternating current magnetic coil on the other hand faces lots challenges.  Firstly, at higher frequencies, the solenoid inductance nearly dominates the impedance over the resistance. Therefore accurate inductance calculation is a must, and the inductance must be included into the magnetic field driver. Secondly, due to the skin effect at high frequency, the coil resistance is significantly increased. Our online calculator calculates the AC coil resistance accurately. Furthermore, often time, high-frequency magnetic field must use resonance mode to generate the field. The magnetic field calculator also accurately calculates the series resonance capacitance.

Our online calculator is free of charge to use. The calculator is the most accurate and most advance, because it uses a more complex equation model to calculate the magnetic field more accurately. It is not only calculating magnetic field, but it also calculates many important coil design information that are needed to design AC electromagnet such as resistance, inductance, and more. These electromagnetic coils are normally driving by an alternating current in wide range of frequencies from few Hertz (low frequency) to hundreds of kHz (high frequency). Many crucial parameters such resonant capacitance inductance, power dissipation, AC resistance, copper wire length, and others are calculated using the most advanced model. For designer's convenience, DC electrical design parameters are also calculated. This calculator can easily be adopted for Helmholtz coil magnetic field calculation too.

Accel Instruments is pleased to offer general purpose lab amplifier to for driving AC magnetic coils and solenoids. For high frequency magnetic field, it is very important to design the solenoid to work with the driver's capabilities in order to optimize the performance. Using the online calculator, designers can optimize the coil for the strongest magnetic field using the available AC current drivers.  Our free calculator helps engineers and researchers eliminate many of the unknowns when designing an AC electromagnet. Accel Instruments technical team is readily available to help researchers with their coil deign. Feel free to ask our technical team for support.

Our online solenoid/coil design calculator is very easy to use. The magnetic field is accurately calculated.  Other design important design variables such as inductance, resistance, resonant capacitance, wire length are also calculated for designer's convenience. Our online free calculator is extremely useful for scientists, engineers, and researchers for design and making with solenoids and coils.

Accel Instruments Announces Online Magnetic Field Calculator

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Alternating magnetic field is generated by connecting an amplifier to a solenoid coil.

Magnetic field amplitude at distance x along inside of the solenoid from the center.