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Ultrasound transducer amplifier driver uses a Modulated Power Supply. TS250 Waveform Amplifier is used as a supersonic transducer driver.

Ultrasonic Transducer Driver

Ultrasonic transducer driver generally outputs high power, high current, and high voltage. These drivers are usually operating at ultrasound frequencies. Ultrasonic frequencies are generally greater than the audio frequencies (20kHz to 20kHz). Most common ultrasonic transducers resonant frequency is 25kHz and 40kHz, but as high as MHz is possible.

Most transducers are operating at resonant. At resonant frequency, these devices are resistive. High voltage and high current from the driver is needed to produce high power ultrasound. The TS250 family of drivers can output up to 60W for single driver and up to 150W for multiple drivers. The output power is calculated in Equation TBD.

Some ultrasound transducers are capacitive. At ultrasonic frequencies, these transducers impedance become low. A high current driver is need to drive these supersonic devices.

In addition to high power, piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers need high voltage. Depends on power and resonant resistance, the required voltage is usually in the 10V to 100V range or higher. Typically a high frequency piezo amplifier amplifies a signal generator to generate the high voltage needed for these ultrasonic transducers as shown in Figure 1. The TS250 is a perfect ultrasonic transducer driver.

Figure 1. Piezo ultrasonic transducer driver connection diagram.

Ultrasonic Transducer Driver Connection

Table 1. High-Voltage Ultrasound Driver Selection Guide

Selecting An Ultrasonic Power Driver

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Two or three ultrasonic transducer amplifier/driver can be connected in together for higher power.

Figure 2. Parallels two TS250 ultrasonic transducer drivers quadruples the output power.

High-Voltage Function Generator Amplifier

High Current Driver Amplifier

Ultrasonic Piezo Driver

High Voltage Amplifier Driver

Lab Amplifier

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Further read on ultrasonic tranducers driver design.

Increase Transducer Driver Output Current

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Output voltage vs frequency Plot of the TS250 ultrasonic transducer amplifier.

Figure 3. TS250 piezoelectric ultrasonic driver frequency response.

List of Ultrasonic Driver Applications

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TS250 Price List

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Voltage Range

DC Current

Max Peak Current


-10V to + 10V

 0 – 4.0A

 0 – 5.0A


-20V to + 20V

0 – 2.8A

0 – 3.8A


0V to + 15V

0 – 3.5A

0 – 4.5A


-10V to + 10V

0 – 5.0A

 0 – 6.0A


-20V to + 20V

0 – 3.1A

0 – 4.4A


-30V to + 30V

0 – 2.1A

0 – 3.0A


-40V to + 40V

0 – 1.7A

0 – 2.5A


-6V to + 15V

0 – 4.0A

 0 – 5.0A


-6V to + 30V

0 – 2.1A

0 – 3.0A


-6V to + 45V

0 – 1.7A

0 – 2.5A


-6V to + 65V

0 – 2.1A

0 – 2.5A

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Diagram showing ultrasonic piezo transducer driver and amplifier connection to a signal generator.

Resonant vs. Non-Resonant Transducers

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