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TS200 piezoelectric driver amplifier for driving actuators and transducers. TS250 piezo driver for driving piezoelectric transducers.

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Example of Piezo Amplifier Connection

 TS250 High-voltage piezoelectric amplifier is connected to a function generator.

Piezo Amplifier

High Power Piezoelectric Driver

Ultrasonic Transducer Driver

High-Voltage Waveform Generator Driver

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Table 1. Piezoelectric Driver Selection Guide

Note 1. Piezo element is capacitive which means their power is reactive. The TS250 output current is adjusted for reactive power.

Note 2. Peak resistive current is specified at maximum voltage minus 1V. For exmaple 19V for the TS250-1.

TS200 PZT Amplifier Selection Guide High Voltage Piezo Driver Selection Guide

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