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The TS300 Ultra Low Noise Power Supply is a unique instrument for noise sensitive circuit characterization such as VCO and PLL phase noise testing. Its output noise is 8nV/rt-Hz at 10kHz is the lowest noise variable power supply in the market. The TS300 is constructed with special materials that is immune to environmental noise such electric and magnetic fields come from near by power line, transformers, lights, and other bench equipment. Thus it eliminates spurious noise such as 50/60Hz hum noise and its harmonics. The TS300 Ultra Low Noise Power Supply is the cleanest supply available.

Ultra Low Noise Power Supply


Ultra low noise: 8nV/rt-Hz

Special construction immune to environmental noise

Spurious free (No 60Hz/50Hz hum noise)

90W output power (0-30V and 0-3A)

Current limit control

4-wire remote voltage sense


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