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IRVINE, California, April 1, 2011 – Accel Instruments introduces low-cost electronic load, TS100, ideal for portable power electronics.

TS100 is an affordable electronic load designed for testing portable electronics. It provides a constant current load for testing voltage regulators. It is ideal for testing linear regulators (LDO), switching DC-to-DC converters, power supply modules, wall adapters, and more. The TS100 features two LCD displays for input voltage and load current. Each LCD display has a green LED back-light. It features four load currant ranges (10A, 1A, 100mA, and 10mA) for wide range of applications. A precision 10-turn knob adjusts the load current from 0 to maximum in the current range. A green LED lit On/Off button turns the load on and off.

The TS100 is easy to use and intuited. It is designed for by and for power electronic engineers. Applications include: portable power management testing, LDO testing, switching regulator testing, power supply testing, and constant current sink or source. It is offered at a special introductory price of $400 each.

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Accel instruments designs, develops, manufactures and markets electronic instruments for the specialized needs of electronics bench testing and research and development. We specialize in power electronic test and measurement such as voltage regulators, battery simulation, waveform amplifier, and more. Additional information about Accel instruments is available at

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Accel Instruments Introduced 10A Electronic Load for Portable Power Electronic Devices

TS100 Electronic Load

For LDO and DC/DC converter testing