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Instruments For Testing Your Innovations

Accel Instruments designs, develops, manufactures and markets electronic instruments for the specialized needs of electronics bench testing and research and development. We specialize in power electronic test and measurement such as voltage regulators, battery chargers, amplifiers, and more. We solve the needs of the customer through offering innovative products that ease their test and measurement challenges.

Focus On Power Electronics

Our instruments focus on power electronic devices and systems.  These devices include linear regulator or LDO, switching mode power supply (SMPS), battery chargers, and more. We make instruments for power electronic device test and measurement.

The TS200 Modulated Power Supply and the TS250 waveform amplifier are unique instruments for many test and measurement applications such as LDO PSRR measurement, battery simulator, piezo amplifier driver, op amp CMRR measurement, function generator amplifier, transient response test, four-quadrant power supply, lab power amplifier and more.