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Instruments For Testing Your Innovations

Application Notes

Function Generator amplifier

High Current Amplifier

Waveform Amplifier

High-Voltage Function Generator Amplifer

Lab Amplifier

Waveform Amplifier

Waveform amplifier outputs a sinewave with 10App from a function generator.

The missing link between function generator, oscilloscope, and device-under-test is a waveform amplifier. Learn how to use waveform amps to make bench testing easy. These amplifiers can output high current, high voltage, high power, or any combination.

Helmholtz Coils Driver

High Current and Frequency Electromagnet Using Resonant

Magnetic Field Generator Uses New Resonant Circuit

Helmholtz Coil For Sale Listing

Hemoltz Coil Design Resources

Magnetic Design Main Page

Helmholtz Coil Driver

Waveform amplifier drives high current through coils at high frequency. Varies techniques are discussed to generate high frequency Helmholtz magnetic field.

Piezo Motor Driver

Piezo Amplifier and Driver

Ultrasonic Amplifier

Piezoelectric Driver

Battery Simulator

Battery Emulator

Four Quadrant Power Supply

Battery Simulation/Four-Quadrant Supply

Battery simulator equivalent circuit. It can sink and source current like a battery.

How to Measure LDO PSRR

How to Measure Op-Amp CMRR

Op-Amp PSRR Measurement is Easy

Transient Test Setup

PSRR is plotted again frequency


Power Supply and Ripple Rejection (PSRR)

Battery simulator is perfect for testing charger and cell balancing circuit. It speeds up battery-powered portable system testing during development phase and production testing.